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Decades of Science Fiction compiled, introduced and provided with interesting background information by Applewhite and Minyard.

Decades of Science Fiction is a compendium of short sci-fi story’s illustrating the development of the genre from the late 1800s, with Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, through the golden era of Pulps, to the 90’s with the wonderful … Continue reading

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Herland book review

Herland is a wonderful wonderful book. I sought it out after hearing it discussed on the partially examined life podcast ( It is ostensibly an old-fashioned tale of discovery and exploration, full of social commentary, without it seeming shoehorned in, … Continue reading

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On my possibly doomed quest to become a better writer

I want to be able to write. There’s only one thing likely to hold me back and that is shear incompetence. This isn’t fishing for complements, I’m just not very good. I can write stream of consciousness type introspection, nonsensical … Continue reading

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New Start

I have a confession to make, I had entirely forgotten that I’d created a wordpress blog. I had forgotten this fact so completely that, I only realised when I decided to start a blog and found that the username callmebaka … Continue reading

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Descartes Demonic Deceiver

  Is this real? Am I sitting at my desk, composing, typing and indulging my caffeine addiction? Or as Descartes considered as a distinct possibility, am I being deceived by malicious demon? Personally I’m inclined towards the former, but that’s … Continue reading

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Hi, this is my blog. I wouldn’t bother reading it. It’s crap. No really, i have no talent, skill or intellect. It will almost certainly bore the pants off you. – – – – – – – – Are you … Continue reading

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